Revealed: 5 Simple Ways To Make Money Woodworking

If you have a flair for making things using wood, then you can really make a career in WOODWORKING . Wood is a wonderful thing to work with, and if you can use it to create things that people want then you’ve got a great chance of building a good business.Here,I would be discussing 5 cool ways you can make money woodworking and they are as follows.

Focus On A Niche
The key to getting started is to find out what you are good at. It is important for you to find your own unique selling point to differentiate yourself from the competition. You can begin by doing what you feel capable and comfortable with.

Determine Your Customers
It is important for you to determine who your customers will be. You might decide only to make items for a certain age group or for a certain use. If you are into school furniture then you know your customer base would be made up mainly of school owners.

Have An Online Presence
The importance of having an online presence is often underestimated. You should create a website and upload samples or photographs of previous work done for people to see as this would assure them that you are capable. It is also a smart way of getting additional customers as people can find out about your business by doing a search online and would be redirected to your site or they can be referred by satisfied customers to your website.

Advertise! Advertise!! Advertise!!!
If you create a product or have a specialty and no one knows about it then how do you expect to make money from it? You can advertise by placing adverts in the local media like T.V, Newspapers and Magazines related to your niche or you can advertise using online means like Media Buys or on Social Networking sites. This will get your art, crafts or furniture to a larger audience. You can also create brochures or fliers which you can give away at supermarkets, grocery stores, restaurants, bus-stands e.t.c

Attend Local Craft Fairs And Trade Shows
As a serious woodworker looking to increase your portfolio, you should endeavour to attend trade shows, craft fairs, and other events related to your product. Craft fairs all over the country are often populated by people who put their woodworking skills to good use, and it is an opportunity to attract more customers by giving away leaflets, business cards or pamphlets and also to showcase your products.
You really can make a lot of money by carving out a new career in woodworking as the possibilities are endless and your skill level doesn’t matter.